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Salon de tatouage Saint-Girons | Caro Vespera | Watercolor tattoo
a man with sunflowers painted on his back to show it's tattoos
Sunflower watercolortattoo
Back tattoo watercolor style tattoo, sunflower. Colortattoo, flowertattoo Tatouage dos, aquarelle, tatouage aquarelle , tournesols taouage fleurs
three different views of a woman's arm with tattoos on her arms and legs
Catrina watercolortattoo
Tattoo sleeve, Catrina with her dog, watercolortattoo. Fresh tattoo. Colortattoo. Manchette, tatouage catrina, santa muerte , tatouage aquarelle
a colorful wolf tattoo on the left thigh
Wolf tattoo
Watercolor wolf tattoo by Caro Vespera
two women with tattoos on their legs, one has a dragon and the other has an anchor
red dragon tattoo
Waterclor red dragon tattoo by Caro Vespera
the back of a woman's body with flowers on it
Roses tattoo
Watrecolor roses ans bird tattoo by Caro Vespera
a cat with a tie on it's leg is shown in this tattoo design
Salon de tatouage Saint-Girons | Caro Vespera | Watercolor tattoo
a woman with a tattoo on her arm holding a rose and a doll in a basket
Matrioshka Watercolor Tattoo
a blue bird tattoo on the thigh
Geai Bleu
blue bird watercolor tattoo
a purple teddy bear holding a flower tattoo on the arm
watercolor teddybear tattoo
watercolor teddy bear tattoo
a small white bird sitting on top of a branch
watercolor cute bird tattoo
a woman's stomach with an anchor and compass tattoo on her side, which reads carpo vespa tattoo
watercolor anchor tattoo
three different views of the same tattoo on both arms and legs, one with an image of a woman holding a cross
santa muerte day of the dead catrina tattoo tatouage
two pictures of the same person with different tattoos on their arms
Salon de tatouage Watercolor Montpellier par Caro Vespera
watercolor sketch Bruce Lee portrait tattoo