Inspiration Traiteur - Automne Hiver 2017

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a pie with chocolate topping on a green plate
Carrefour Traiteur
Tarte choco mousse
an assortment of meats and cheeses laid out on a table
Carrefour Traiteur
Plateau Raclette classique
a dish with some food in it on a plate next to a knife and fork
Gratin dauphinois
Gratin dauphinois
a piece of meat is on a white plate
Filet de Bœuf en croûte
Filet de Bœuf Wellington en croûte
there is a cake on the table ready to be eaten
Carrefour Traiteur : votre traiteur en ligne et pas cher
Tarte vergeoise aux poires
two pieces of meat on a white plate next to a knife and fork with some parsley
Saumon en croûte
Saumon en croute
a tray filled with assorted seafood sitting on top of a white tablecloth covered table
La "Bourriche de Neptune"
a white bowl filled with mini sandwiches on top of a wooden table next to a green napkin
Carrefour Traiteur
Minis veggie burgers
various cheeses and meats are arranged on plates
Carrefour Traiteur
Planche apéritive du Sud Ouest
a bowl of soup on a plate with a fork and spoon next to it,
Navarin de saint jacques
Navarin de saint jacques
a chocolate cake with white frosting and cherries
Forêt Noire - 8 parts
Forêt Noire
two plates with food on them and silverware next to each other, one has a piece of bread in the middle
Carrefour Traiteur
Coquille saint jacques aux algues
a white bowl filled with stew on top of a wooden cutting board
Boeuf bourguignon
bœuf bourguignon
ham in a roasting pan with cheese and herbs
Porc farci façon Orloff