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In-ground pocket rocket? (rocket mass heater forum at permies)

This is the tenth of ten short essays on the design and stone work I did on Rice Mountain for the Berg family over an 18 year period beginning in the late With the gardens around the …

my cottage will have this room for the grandkids

Built in double bunk beds! Gary, this is a great idea design. It is very convenient for those who have large families, or a lot of guest sleep-overs, and do not mind the bunking design set-up. Thanks for sharing. I soooo want this for the kids rooms!

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "chambre chalet"

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "chambre chalet"

Totally get the joke but I actually really love the idea of using a little space and making that ... ❤

So much room for activities. but little, individual reading/working nooks (for a tea house or library.) -- or just a space to crash/decompress/work in a different position. And the scene from step brothers makes it even better!

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[ATTACH] This is our new coop, its quite large with 8 nesting boxes.