Pierre Bonnard

Pierre Bonnard et sa vie au Cannet
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a painting of a city with trees and buildings
View of Cannet, c.1940 - Pierre Bonnard
an older man with glasses is looking at the camera
chasingtailfeathers: Pierre Bonnard | Self Portrait, 1942 Oil on canvas, Private collection
an old photo of a man sitting in a chair with a dog on his lap
PIERRE BONNARD 1867-1947 Born: Oct 03, 1867 · Fontenay-aux-Roses, France Died: Jan 23, 1947 · Le Cannet, France Periods: Les Nabis · Modern art
three panels with birds and plants on them, one in red the other in blue
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Pierre Bonnard, Paravent, 1889
a painting of food on a table in front of a window
PIERRE BONNARD Dining Room Overlooking the Garden (The Breakfast Room) (1930-31)
a painting of a cat sitting on a porch
Pierre Bonnard looking out the cabin window, the bay window on Beech http://anonimodelapiedra.blogspot.com.es
two birds flying in the sky over a city and water with clouds above them,
Le Cannet peint par Bonnard
Pierre Bonnard, Ciel d'orage sur Cannes, 1945, 51 x 75 cm, collection particulière
a painting of a person standing in front of a mirror
Expo(s): Histoire(s) d'eau(x)
Expo(s): Histoire(s) d'eau(x)
a painting of an open window overlooking a city
pierre bonnard 1925
Pierre Bonnard, La Fenêtre, Spencer Churchill through the Contemporary Art Society, 1930, 1086 x 886 mm, Huile sur toile.
an image of a painting with trees and water
Exposition Pierre BONNARD - Musée d'Art moderne de Paris
Exposition Pierre BONNARD - Musée d'Art moderne de Paris