This is the sort of publicity stunt used in the to advertise the Mini. Sad, isn't it, thinking that a photograph of a girl in a short skirt, flashing her knickers, is going to generate car sales

muscle car dream garage

the-man-cave-az: “ musclecardreaming: “ revthelimit: “ the ultimate garage ” Cudas, Dart, Superbird and a Mustang.

Porsche's in general stink of oil after driven hard but I would totally do this during the long winter storage months :)

Garage Design or Bedroom Design? Having your wife and your girlfriend in the same room might be an issue.

The Porsche 911 Evolution. #porsche #911 #carrera #sportscars #germancars #bestcars #dreamcars #amazingcars #fastcars Pinterest - Sexy Sport Cars

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