French slang

L'argot français - have students practice in conversation (one student has to come up with something to elicit one of the expressions and the other to find the correct expression, and keep going) - intermediate/advanced

Free French eBook and 5 websites every French teacher should know!

Here's an idea: Free French eBook and 5 French websites every French teachers should know!

Déjeuner du Matin - Jacques Prévert

''Dejeuner du Matin" - Jacques Prevert This was the second poem i recited and presented for my first Français class back in , C'est une bonne mémoire!

Free crossword on adjectives that precede the noun in French. Love crosswords that require the student to do more than just look at a vocab list to translate!

A quick crossword puzzle for kids to work with les adjectifs B. (Beauty, Age, Number, Goodness, and Size -- all of which are placed before .