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I'm not sure if this is truly Star Wars. Star Wars Family Tree - I really don’t know what’s going to happen in Episode VII, but if you’re not familiar with the expanded universe, this chart might come in handy to clear things up once it’s out.

Hahaha... Once Upon A Time

We should also mention his great grandfather Peter Pan, and his great great aunt/ adoptive aunt Zelena.and Killian is also possibly his soon to be stepfather

I made the Star Wars name thing so I'm Carro Magre, I'm a wookie and a scavenger.

What's your Star Wars name? I'm Whiau the Hutt and I'm a smuggler. I don't see a Hutt being a very good smuggler, do you? They're more of the bosses and the ones ordering the smuggling.

Game of Thrones name generator - Lord Commander Margarey Tully

Whats Your Game Of ThronesName?- Me: Whore, Hallyne Arryn Spouse: White Walker, Osha Arryn .that kind of sucks, I want better names!>>>>>>Margarey Westerling, Hand of the King