Grace Kelly--fashion icon yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Grace Kelly, before she became HSH Princess Grace of Monaco is pictured in a publicity still for the Alfred Hitchcock classic Rear Window. She starred in only 14 movies over five years, but remains one of the icons of the silver screen.

(Princess) Grace Kelly. (Gary Cooper discovered Grace Kelly on the set of her first film, Fourteen Hours (1951), when she was 22 years old.)

American Academy Award winning actress and Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly. She won the Oscar for her role in 'The Country Girl' in

Frida Kahlo painting portrait of her father, 1951. photo: Gisèle Freund © Banco de México.

Frida painting a portrait of her father, Wilhelm Kahlo, 1951 Photo by Giséle FreundCourtesy Frida Kahlo Museum Collection© Bank of Mexico Fiduciary in the trust relative to the Frida Kahlo Museum and Diego Rivera [content:shareblock]

JNSQ Muse: Kate Moss

Kate Moss by Kate Garner, vintage, driver's cap, black & white, flashback. Kate Moss married Jamie Hince on July Kate Moss wore a wedding dress designed by former Dior designer and longtime friend John Galliano. Kate was born on January

The golden age of Hollywood: costumes by Edith Head for Grace Kelly

Remembering Edith Head's Old Hollywood

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Brigitte Bardot (Sam Lévin, 1954).

Actress, Brigitte Bardot (September 1934 - present years old) - Birth name: Brigitte Anne-Marie Bardot - Birth place: Paris, France - This picture was taken in 1954

this is a gorgeous outfit worn by Grace Kelly in Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window

Zoom sur les plus belles robes du cinéma

grace kelly rear window dress shots--A few years ago, I saw a knockoff of this wonderful 1954 a prom dress catalog (about 2007 or so). Dress worn by Grace Kelly (pictured here) in Rear Window, a great Alfred Hitchcock movie.

Portrait d'Auguste Renoir. Ph. Durand-Ruel/Coll. Archives Larousse

Auguste Renoir I selected this portrait for the expression on his face. His eyes are very soulful. Renoir is wearing his coat and hat -- this portrait seems very proper and speaks of etiquette from a bygone era.

Lauren Bacall on the Hollywood set of Young Man with a Horn. Photo: Alfred Eisenstaedt, 1949.

Actress Lauren Bacall on the set of film, “Young Man with a Horn”, photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt, Hollywood, 1949

Dalì et Frida Kalho

Goodness, he really does look crazy. Salvador Dali & Frida Kahlo I love this picture. Frida looks so serene and beautiful and it is one of the most handsome pictures of Dali (though he still looks crazy).

Audrey Hepburn, knitting.

Miss Audrey Hepburn knitting on set. Some pics of movie stars of the past knitting on set. Hope I look this good!

Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn - Breakfast at Tiffany's "It's useful being top banana in the shock department." - Audrey as Holly Golightly

Alain Delon photographed by Jack Garofalo at the Piazza San Marco, 1962.

Alain Delon in Piazza San Marco, Venice, 1962 - photo by Jack Garofalo. (Would love to see the images from his camera!