Motif orchidée, feuilles de palmier et couleurs d'automne

Floral pattern by Walter Spina. Makes me think of the people at Alexander Henry. And love those rusty hues.

Fear is good! It shows us that this something beyond our reach must be questioned if it is worth it or not

30 affiches et posters graphiques pour votre inspiration

Don't be afraid to fail. Be afraid not to try. Sometimes putting yourself out there is a scary thing, but fear only cripples us and could prevent us from growing or achieving something great!

j'apprécie chaque saison pour plein de raisons différentes, mais l'automne, j'avoue je crois que c'est ma saison préférée : les couleurs, l...

We both absoloutely love Autumn/Fall time and its Mirin's favourite season! Theres lovely colours, celebrations and other projects associated with Fall time so we made a full board about it!