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jonghyun x inspiration

May your soul rest peacefully in the gates of heaven Jonghyun. You were such an inspiration, and deserved so much more. Have a safe journey to heaven. I hope your soul can achieve real happiness someday.


SHINee’s Jonghyun in “Honest & Sexy” for Elle Korea February Photographed by Kim Hyeongsik

for shinee!

Hello to the Fans of SHINEE. I dont really know their group but Im here to respect. I dont know him but I think He was a talented and happy idol. Rest in peace Kim Jonghyun! I hope SHINEE gets the love they deserve. As an ARMY, I respect you.

I'm still so mad that they edited out his mole what the fuck

Rest is piece Jonghyun youe beautiful angel. You are one of the strongest people and it is sad to see the kpop industry lose a talented and handsome young man.