Handmade gift tags. Love this!

I like this idea, but would try to extend the water theme. Put plastic fish inside with a gift card to Bass Pro Shops! A gift card to the pool store or local water park would be fun too. I'm all about making the gift card connect. Love this!

chicken quilt

Mug Rug inspiration. OMG this is so cute and so me and my closest friends!

Christmas Tree Pillow

This decorative linen pillow shows a row of snowy trees on a moonlight night. The pine trees are made from white on white patterned cotton

Range doudou ou range pyjama - fikOu miKou

Range doudou ou range pyjama - fikOu miKou: No English translation but nice ideas

voici un sac "pied au sec" pour la piscine, avec une face tissus éponge et une autre tissus imperméable donc l'intérêt avoir les pieds au sec pendant qu'on se change puis on enferme la serviette et le maillot mouillé à l'intérieur voilà tout!

Keep your feet dry in he swimming season - without having to put your beach towel on the floor!

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