Les doudous Catimini

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Doudou Lapin Catimini "Sorbet" Peace, Sorbet, La Mode, Family, Peace Gesture
Doudou Lapin Catimini "Sorbet"
an image of two stuffed animals in the shape of bunnies and one is white with blue flowers
#SS16 Ref.CH76051-22
two stuffed animals that are next to each other
#SS16 Ref.CH76031-01
a stuffed animal that has been painted to look like a rabbit with colorful paint on it's body
#SS16 Ref.CH76001-34
#SS16 Ref.CH76011-73 Boots, Shoes, Fashion, Rubber, Rubber Rain Boots
#SS16 Ref.CH76011-73
two small stuffed animals sitting next to each other on a white background, one penguin and the other bird
#FW13 Réf. CC76011-42
a stuffed animal with large eyes and colorful hair
#FW13 Réf. CC76081-08
a stuffed animal with a striped hat on it's head
#SS12 Réf.C576011-35
a stuffed animal that is shaped like a rabbit with stripes on it's body
#FW13 Réf.CC76021-79
a stuffed animal toy laying on top of a white surface
a stuffed animal that is laying down on the ground
#SS12 Réf. C576051-92
#SS12 Réf.C576041-92
#SS12 Réf.C576041-92
a stuffed animal with multicolored stripes on it
#SS12 Réf.C576081-92
a colorful stuffed animal with flowers on it
#SS2012 Réf.C576061-21
a stuffed animal with flowers on it's body and ears, in the shape of a bunny
#SS12 Réf.C576061-35