I like how the images are black and white but the transparent color blocks make our eye go towards the spread. The color blocks on black and white catch my attention


Dramatic and forceful! A great deal of movement which adds to the fine and clean-cut appearance of the model. Image focused counter to the text. The thin line that frames a triangle around the text helps to separate text from image.

One of my all-time favorites // 花火。一本非常特别的关于焰火划破夜空瞬间的摄影集。作者: pierre le hors

Firework studies by Pierre Le Hors I absolutely love this - a beautiful metaphor of what books can do to you.

Processing Posters / JR Schmidt

Processing Posters / JR Schmidt

Beautiful processing Posters created by Artist & Motion Designer JR Schmidt. The color combos and abstraction here is fascinating.

Processing Posters / JR Schmidt

Processing Posters / JR Schmidt

Computer generated processing art posters by artist and motion designer JR Schmidt. Processing Poster Art by Artist and Motion Designer

AKA magazine

I like this because the letters are smushed together and the a and k are part of each other.


Fiks is a magazine built in a unique, interactive style that integrates simple puzzles/activities with the fresh content that it drives. This makes for a more impactful delivery of information.It’s a nifty little publication, and that is where we find t&