I love the #beach and the #sun. #summer

heliophilia, love of sun. This is so me!the sun is my medicine, always puts a smile on my face, and warms my heart. yeah I love the sun :)


the rebel in me will never die. let the rebel in me touch the rebel in you, rebels we will be and set us free, all humanity.

dealing with your problems is a result of you finding peace within yourself in any given situation or issue you might encounter. this builds character.  #truth

HAPPINESS is not the absence of problem; it's the ability to deal with them. --- --- Sent by Sandeep Gautam

Dans ma maison de rêves, il pleut du bonheur de toutes les couleurs

Affiche dans la maison de mes rêves

Magnifique illustration de Marie Danjou de Petit Sweet in the house of my dreams rains happiness of all colors

Keep Calm, and smile smile smile ! #KeepCalm #Smile

Pensée du jour bonjour !

A bit late, but 'Smile Smile Smile' is still one of the best, if not the best, song in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Keep Calm and Smile Smile Smile

I think I might need this as a reminder every now and then. #NoStress

50 Ways to Take a Break -- Stress is as much of a factor in health as nutrition and fitness. De-stress this weekend!

Keep calm and stay positive

I'm usually not a huge fan of the "keep calm" phrases, but I love this! Optimism is the way to go no matter what.