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The Prothonotary Warbler (Protonotaria citrea) is a small songbird of the New World warbler family. It is the only member of the genus Protonotaria.


I post nothing here but photos, art, videos, and information about birds. Because birds are probably the coolest things on the planet.


“Buddha also said that the Dharma, like a bird, needs two wings to fly, and that the wing that balances Wisdom is compassion.


Hummingbirds Featured Images - Snowy-bellied Hummingbird by Heiko Koehrer-Wagner

#tatouage qui s'envole

Bird Tattoo Designs Birds are a very popular tattoo design. Birds made as bird tribal tattoos or bird Celtic tattoos are also very popular.


Flying bat's wings details seen as the flaming orange and brown sunset light passes through them.


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