Et si on mettait du papier peint ailleurs que sur les murs ? Où sur les escalier ? | Le Figaro Madame

Et si on mettait du papier peint ailleurs que sur les murs ?

Maybe a bold pattern on your walls is a little to risky for you. So, think outside of the box! Install patterned wallpaper on your stair risers for a bold look, without a scary commitment. Mark - note the side trim!

so open...

a green summer time

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LC23 x Backdoor x Puma R698 'Made in Italy'

PUMA x x BACKDOOR (Made in Italy) The next PUMA collaboration will see them join forces with Italian fashion label and boutique store BACKDOOR. The special release with the Italian companies will see the iconic crafted in Italy in a premium finish.

magnifique mais impossible pour notre nouvelle maison !!!

Monter les escaliers devient plaisant avec ces 22 escaliers sublimes

Giving yourself a reason to walk on steps again and again is the motive of designer stairs in house. No more boring and outdoor stairs in your home. Design your

Big industrial windows / Grande cloison vitrée dans salon moderne

Cloison vitrée / verrière : tout savoir

Glass room dividers / elle decoration UK -- This room divider creates definition without obstructing views and light - an important consideration if you have a small, dimly lit space.

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