Mimalmist Bedroom Design Inspiration - Raised Futon Bed with Drawer Storage Underneath - Add Plants & Change Color Pallete

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The triple bunk beds made out of vintage explosion proof globes & hardware which was the finishing touch. Each bed has their own shelves, light switch, and outlet.

Chez Stéphanie Ferret

Chez Stéphanie Ferret

In kids’ spaces, you can never have enough storage - period. Once the closets are packed, it’s time to get creative, as in this raised bed with drawers beneath.

Perludi Bunk Bed in Black, Custom-made, Perludi natural kids furniture, children bedroom, available at www.e-side.co.uk

A matt black bunk bed makes smart choice for a shared space, with the girl's lower bed decorated with toys and a crochet quilt, while the boy's upper bunk is decorated with his favourite colours, via vanessapouzet.

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