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Christelle Dumas

Christelle Dumas
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James Turrell

In this image James Turrell uses light in a way that creates the illusion of a solid object. The image makes the viewer question the nature of space since the light appears to be a three dimensiona…

Jusqu'au 27 mai, les Ateliers d'Art de France accueillent l'exposition 'Papier libre : volume et sculpture', l'occasion de découvrir quatre artistes qui revisitent ce matériau millénaire et lui ... #maisonAPart

Junior Fritz Jacquet uses glassine paper to make his lamps, which are folded, crumpled, and sculpted and have an internal fiberglass support. They can be suspended or placed on a surface and contain a low wattage bulb.

l’artiste Romain Crelier a installé son oeuvre « La Mise en Abîme » dans une église suisse qui consiste en un réceptacle aux formes précises et y a ensuite versé des centaines de litres d’huile de moteur usée

Glassy Pools of Used Motor Oil Reflect the Architectural Splendor of a Swiss Church Created by Swiss artist Romain Crelier, La Mise en Abîme (an idiom that communicates the same thing as “a.

Romain Veillon - “Les Sables du Temps”

“One day Kolmanskop’s sand-clearing squad failed to turn up, the ice man stayed away, and the school bell stopped ringing.” Once rich and opulent, Kolmanskop is