Bluetooth Shower Speaker --- too freaking cool..only $21

Waterproof Wireless Bluetooth Shower Speaker & Hands-Free Speakerphone

love and romance are incomplete without music- so when you are creating the romantic ambience in the bathroom- some speaker is a must. We came across this Bluetooth Shower Speaker - 4 Colors: Dotzila- seemed interesting

Seems practical for apartment living. I LOVE THE IDEA!!!

A Portable and Balcony-Friendly Grill

My mom would love this. Her only outdoor space is a balcony. BBQ Bruce Handrail Grill Lets Your Enjoy The Summer Right On Your Balcony

space saving table in various colors for small balcony decorating

Space Saving Hanging Table Adding Comfort to Small Balcony Designs

great for a balcony-space saving table in various colors for small balcony decorating


Bedroom Decor Jewelry Holder Organizer by barbwireandbarnwood, decor Room design

Rangement pour ses pinceaux

Rangement pour ses pinceaux

PVC PIPE PROJECTS-- love this idea for organizing the bathroom hair stuff!

Michelle I think this would be perfect for our hot hair stuff in our bathroom. Use PVC pipe ,paint your own color ,and use for flat iron and hair dryer storage.

color-coding keys with nail polish! brilliant.

Color Code Your Keys. Could be a quick an easy craft on the days we need something quick -- could have people know before hand to bring their keys if they wanted. but then again people might not want to color code their keys?