Cécile Favrelle

Cécile Favrelle

Cécile Favrelle
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Check and Stripe (A Design Source Book) volume 1 and volume 2 Sohei Hoshi Kyoto Shoin Co , Kyoto 1992 , 109 pages + 109 pages Checkers were originally created using Western checkerboards or.

The palette of the interior design is inspired by contrasts, and this is captured by monolithic furnishings and matching slabs of concrete, marble and mirror.

one of the more interesting boutiques to have opened in paris lately offers contemporary menswear amidst an understated setting of monolithic furnishings in marble and concrete.

Thomas Ruff, woman black shirt décolletage C-print

Photographer Thomas Ruff’s work displays today’s heavy internet and media-saturated age.