restaurante le manjue organique, são paulo | projeto de interiores: flavia machado

I like the wall with plant design . The light fixture coloring with it and color of furniture with it :) restaurante le manjue organique, são paulo

Entre deux boutiques de la place Brugmann, direction ICI pour une pause gourmande. Deux copines, Marine et Saskia, ont ouvert cette néo-cantine aux allures de café made 
in Brooklyn. Le menu change tous les jours, en fonction de l’arrivage de fruits et légumes, qui sont cuisinés en soupes, salades, plats à base de quinoa ou à la plancha. On trouve aussi jus frais, sandwichs, charcuterie, fromages et pâtisseries.  35 rue Darwin, 1050 Bruxelles  Tél. : +32 (0)2 343 88 57.  Photo : © Karel…

Parcours à Bruxelles

I really liked this idea of having the walls of the coffee shop be the blackboard. However, Camino is a coffee shop with a wooden interior, so it wouldn't work for my brief, but it's definitely interesting. It's funky and different and eye catching.

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Mama Shelter restaurant, hotel, bar, 109 Rue de Bagnolet 75020 Paris- memories with nathalie & Liz

Stock Coffee

Arhitektura Budjevac, an architectural design studio based in Serbia, had the task to create a fresh looking coffee shop, the first one of the future “Stock Coffee” franchise. In order to transform a former retail space into a coffee shop, they.

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i think it would be adorable to do something like this in a kitchen. have a chalkboard wall for kids, notes, to-do lists etc. add some cute lights and make a focal wall. probably on the side of the kitchen