Comment réaliser une fiche persona ?

I like this because it is a cool graphic about what to put into a persona. This is actually a little too much info to put in a persona, in my opinion, but it's useful nonetheless.

Personas in Design Thinking

My UX deliverables I have done for agency and personal projects. This covers the full UX design process from research to launch.

MailChimp's Personas

MailChimp's UX team talked to dozens of users, acquiring tons of data and identifying motivations, traits, and needs. DesignLab was presented with the challenge of creating posters that represent these different personas.

Awesome note taking!

User Experience Design: Notes From An Inspired Designer

A neat way to introduce NOTE TAKING: pick a topic suitable for the kids! visual note taking fun - this is what I try to do with my lecture notes


The Many Faces of The Internet user: A Field Guide to the Who's Who of the World Wide Web

Couple persona example

Personas for interaction design.

video DIY toolkit: Personas

The Storyworld tool provides a structured way of documenting qualitative data collected through interviews and observations.