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100 créations uniques à découvrir sur l'art du papier !

cool cut paper

Les illustrations en papier de Bomboland

Paper Art - Illustration paper cut works from Bomboland. Their paper cut out illustrations were used for magazine headers and editorial design.

Paper cut art by Marina Adamova

Paper Cut Art par Marina Adamova

Moscow-based artist Marina Adamova creates wonderful portraits and illustrations out of cut paper. Adamova’s subject matter ranges from celebrities to nature to commercial work. She can be fo…

French artist Maud Vantours plays with paper, colors and collages by realizing paper works in 3D.

Amazing 3D Paper Patterns

Paris-based designer and artist Maud Vantours uses layer upon layer of cut paper to create hypnotizing patterns and textures that translate into set designs, fashion accessories, and editorial treatments. Vantors has explored a number of paper tre.

Maud Vantours (artiste française) travail du papier

Colourful Layered Paper Sculptures By French Artist And Designer Maud Vantours