a fun project for kids learning the alphabet

Making a Letter with Letters

a fun project for kids learning the alphabet or to create the first letter of their name for upper grade art project.

30 edées d'activités enfants pour développer la motricité fine : ma préférée : repasser avec un pinceau mouillé sur les lettres écrites au tableau.

Promote Fine Motor Skills with 30 Materials & Activities

This is a great activity because it builds the muscle control needed to learn to write by holding a paint brush, they get practice recognizing letters!

Lego letter Building Activity

LEGO and Unifix Alphabet Building Letters Activity

Set up this very simple and fun LEGO and Unifix alphabet letter building activity for great hands on learning through play! Build your own alphabet!

Awesome idea for beginning K and struggling students - sun bleach puzzle - Put letters on black construction. Set out in the sunlight for a day. Remove letters and laminate. ... Could be done with sooo many things!

Sunbleached Alphabet and Shape Puzzle

DIY Preschool sunbleach puzzle: Leave magnet letters on black paper in the sun. The sun bleaches the paper and you have an instant letter matching center. Great way to practice letter sounds, spelling, numbers.so many possibilities.

[DIY] La boîte à alphabet

[DIY] La boîte à alphabet

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Handwriting practice and letter formation with magnet alphabet cards.

Handwriting Practice with Alphabet Cards

Make handwriting practice fun and teach proper letter formation to kids with magnet alphabet tracer cards that also exercise children's fine motor skills.