upcycled wood pallet bar

Low Cost DIY Pallet Wood Creations

Low Cost DIY Pallet Wood Creations: Walls cannot only be made attractive with the attractive paint color or by painting on them, the wood pallets can also make

Arrosage efficace.

This is a cool idea - Water Ring. The reservoir prevents the dry-out that stunts growth, you can add fertilizer a little at a time to promote strong root development.

Pinterest : vos 10 photos préférées sur Côté Maison - Côté Maison

Pinterest : vos 10 photos préférées sur Côté Maison

Gratare si cuptoare de gradina - Seminee - Seminee si gratare

This it's EXACTLY how i wanted to canopy mine, it looks SO GOOD! I couldn't though because it would block the primo view in my yard

Une poubelle en plastique pour collecter l'eau de pluie pour l'arrosage

14 Astuces pour le jardin à faire avec des objets de récup

Trash barrel, flip lid, drill & screen holes, secure lid to barrel & barrel to stand, use bulkhead fitting for spigot.


Veranda in the backyard, table with seating for 6 people, sofa cover for 4 people, is much frequented by our kids growing up as a hangout: D