Réaliser des cadres photos avec du masking tape

12 creative washi tape ideas for your workspace

Winter project: this DIY masking tape photo wall. Using colorful, printed masking tape, frame your photos in a fun, colorful way. You can turn an entire room in your home into a beautiful gallery of memories.

Crayons recouverts de masking tape

DIY Washi Tape Pencils

WASHI TAPE covered pencils - cute for kids, gifts for Lydia House, inserts in treat boxes (eg, Santa's Pants!

Interrupteur masking tape

Mur en dégradé de couleur


{DIY} Aimants masking tape

{DIY} masking tape magnets I think Washi tape would love great.

Trés beau, simple à réaliser et transformable à souhait. J'adore

Créer (2) le masking tape

Clothespins covered with paper or fabric then attached to twine, Maybe one day I will hang denim jeans using this idea.

4 bâtons d'esquimaux + 1 photo + du masking tape et un aimant = des magnets photos

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/ What Washi Tape means? - could add washi tape to plain clothespins to make cute magnets