// paroi de pierre taillée

Klinker Handmade tiles can be colour coordinated and customized re. shape, texture, pattern, etc. by ceramic design studios Direct link: cargocollective.

lleno vacío. Inspired by the entry of natural light through the reddish-orange wooden panels.

Remodelación Chilevisión / elton_léniz + Ramírez y Rodríguez

Tables basses #bois

Beautiful & Versatile: Reclaimed Wood

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Stacked wood partition wall makes divided spaces neat and unique. No pattern is alike with a wall custom build ike this.

wood branches or trunks via L and P

dividing rooms ...

birch tree room divider idea I was going to do in living room. just the birch trees not the rest of the room

Coup de coeur les cuisines en bois - FrenchyFancy-MD

Coup de coeur : les cuisines en bois

atelier tjann

Walls covered in these… book matched Zircote. Brazilian wood is another great look to complement stone.

Consolle en bois

This grained-face door makes me feel, something. Meyer von Wielligh’s exquisitely crafted wooden furniture is set apart by their environmentally responsible, inspired-by-nature design sensibility.

idée vitrine

plinths gloss & wood grain pedestals // 'Trift' pine wood trunks by German designer Judith Seng

drôle de murs!!

Innarch have designed the Don Café House in Pristina, Kosovo. "The idea / inspiration for the design derives from sack filled with coffee grains. The walls of the

* wooden fireplace

La maison citadelle de Studio Ko

Villa E is a stunning mountain lodge built on the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, Morocco, by French designers Studio Ko. They designed the house with respect towards its landscape and a minimalist