Yo Esto Lo Hago: Cómo hacer un llavero tipo navaja Suiza

Hacer un llavero como si fuera navaja suiza./ For you know who ,all his keys he carries

Globe de neige Plus

Homemade snow globes- grab a jar and super glue an object to the lid (the inside part) then fill the jar up with water, put some glitter in it, and screw the lid on. Flip it over so that the lid is on the bottom, and there you have your snow globe!

Idée à adapter au crochet

Button pictures - like the dot painting (when I'm in a more sophisticated mood I will add the artist I'm attempting to reference)

Ballerina Tutu Canvas Art

Ballerina Wall Art Canvas Ideas The Best Collection

faire son tapis avec de vieilles fringues ! yes, je veux !

Love this WONDERFUL idea! DIY Potholder Rugs It would make a great kids room or family room rug!

Réutiliser les ampoules brûlées

Experience, Gnomes, Page, Manual, Bb, Steampunk, Diy Christmas, Original, Child Craft

Une bougie récup dans une tasse de thé

Oh lovely place DIY récup' : une bougie maison parfumée

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