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Fantasy Art Watch — Skull Cave by Quentin Mabille stor and art inspiration idea material background river mystery

le passage où la ville d'Eraa & Sostène sont côté à côte

Gil Rimmer-I love the great exaggerated sense of perspective on this, and the high contrast between light and dark, sunshine and shadow. It's almost like you can feel a temperature difference.

light coloration

Nice play of rough, dirty textures. The light (with its rays and glows), will help inspire me to get an idea of what a possible alleyway could look like in the style of concept art.

ArtStation - Iz'Kal Caverns, James Combridge

Giant phosphorescent mushrooms in underground cavern city, art by JamesCombridge Iz'Kal Mushroom Caverns by James Combridge

bonnes idées pour l'univers, avec un peu moins de détails je pense et en revoyant les couleurs pour que ça face plus joyeux:

These scenes are all simple nature backgrounds that work as background inspiration for the last bath bomb Emperor of the Forest.