Albert Lebourg, before 1918, Paris, l'écluse de la Monnaie. Soleil d'hiver, oil…

Albert Lebourg~"Ile de la cité, Paris" Oil on canvas, 1918

Albert Lebourg - Windmill on the Meuse, Holland

The Athenaeum - Windmill on the Meuse, Holland (Albert Lebourg - )

Albert Lebourg (French, 1849–1928

dappledwithshadow: Carriere, Saint-Denis Albert Lebourg - 1899 the color keeps pulling me back to this psinting

The Hills of Herblay in Spring. Albert Lebourg

The Hills of Herblay in Spring - (Albert Charles Lebourg)

The Athenaeum - View of a River with Trees at Sunset (Albert Lebourg - )

wonderingaboutitall: “View Of A River With Trees At Sunset - Albert Lebourg ”

Albert Lebourg

Albert Lebourg - Rotterdam, View Of Vleuve Schie

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bofransson: “ Houses in the Valley Albert Lebourg ”

Albert Lebourg 1849-1928 French painter

La Seine a Paris au Pont Notre-Dame, 1902 by Albert Lebourg (French