burned designs into the wood of dead trees

Would look awesome on some of the dead trees in woods behind house. Dead trees with wood burned art

Fairy tales these days...

Fairy tales these days...

Is it bad my first thought is that is prince Phillip and prince Eric, not Prince Charming. So why is Snow White the princess that is upset!

Stuart Frost's Scorched Elms

scorched elms installation, 2008 by Stuart Frost who creates patterns by scorching dead trees Tranekær International Centre for Art & Nature, Langeland, Denmark

land art,,,,, if you have to cut the tree down do it like this

Use the cut down trees to make beautiful land art buffers in between homes

Scorched elm at Tranekær International Centre for Art and Nature.  Langeland,  Denmark. by Stuart Ian Frost

Scorched Elm by Stuart Ian Frost at Tranekær International Centre for Art and Nature in Langeland, Denmark

land art

Blue Trees by Konstantin Dimopoulos.the colour used on the trees is biologically safe pigmented water. As an ephemeral artwork, the colour will naturally degrade and the trees gradually will revert to their natural state.