Chenille en rouleau de papier toilette

Super Fun Kids Crafts : Toilet Paper Roll Crafts For Kids Fun to make after reading a book like The hungry caterpillar

Easy paper flower garland DIY

Flower chain made of paper. This would be an easy kids project perfect for spring. - The link for some reason goes to a different project. Kuvis ja askartelu - www.

Bricolage d'un papillon multicolore

Bricolage d'un papillon multicolore

pipettes et encre

abstract art with droppers, liquid water colors, and paper towels - beautiful and great for fine motor development. PSIC arts# plastiques# en maternelle Art# for kids#

feet and hand prints

Mom's love hand print crafts ad she'll love these hand print, footprint flowers for Mother's Day. Hand print flowers with footprint leave.

for kindergarten!

Try community art project! Each table does it with a large color piece of paper and different colors of paint. then they share them and create Eric Carle Style Collages of animals and write stories about them!

Coller des gommettes sur les lignes

Fine motor skills sticker activity that kids love and can be modified for any theme you can think of! I have so many spot" sticker packs.

Sortir des bouchons d'une bassine à l'aide de baguettes

Jeux d'adresse [2]

WATER TRANSFER: Fine motor, lifting objects with various tools including large tweezers, chop sticks.

papillons avec papier de soie

Coffee filter butterflies - Take a coffee filter and color them with washable markers. Then let them mist the coffee filter with water from a spray bottle. Let it dry, and have them pinched into a butterfly shape with pipe cleaners or clothes pins.

#Chouchous #Repérage

Looks like a laminated hand picture and with use of a dry erase marker, create patterns for student to replicate on their hand with hair ties.