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...what makes Ristie such a whirling dervish is not just the relationship between his kicks and punches, but also between his punches and his knees. If Ristie's hook fails to do the job, or misses and goes behind the opponent's head, he will use it to hold the opponent in place as an opposite side knee comes up to meet them.

With big fights every weekend, we're spoiled for choice. But when you're at your computer, putting off work in the middle of the day, here are some of the best fighters to watch.

Muay Thai head kick gif

Yo, queer comic geek and martial artist. Some of it martial art related some of it not.

mma-gifs: UFC on Fuel TV 7: Renan Barao vs. Michael McDonald

A collection of knockouts, slams, and submissions of the world's greatest sport, plus other cool stuff from the world of martial arts.

Front Kicks are becoming en vogue in MMA due to improvements in takedown defence and scrambling most likely.

the-unstoppable-juggernaut: “ “ mma-gifs: “ “This is Sparta!” ” That was one hell of a front kick. The punches really lacked form though. ” Tbh one of the best front kicks I’ve seen used in.