good for long hair

Long Hair Styles - Girls, this seriously works! If you have long hair like me, 3 sections works best. I also tucked in the ends of the first two sections into my ponytail holder, and pinned the last one around all of them.

hairstyles for medium length hair updos

15 Simple and Easy Hairstyles With Useful Tutorials

Call from the boss // Star Wars

Star Wars: Conference Call- Yeah Boss is on the Phone- AKA Chris Griffin

Pokemon ??????lol

Vous n’avez pas entendu parler de la nouvelle application Pokemon Go ?

Lego Thanksgiving.  Oh wait!  In Star Wars, that's "Life Day"!

printed for Evan for a Thanksgiving decoration. Darth Vader and Stormtroopers having saying grace before their Thanksgiving feast.

star wars lego. Stormtrooper in pool. summer

33 excellentes photographies de LEGO par Powerpig

Shore Leave by Powerpig. I don't even like star wars but I love legos

Funny pictures about Coolest jacket ever? Oh, and cool pics about Coolest jacket ever? Also, Coolest jacket ever?

Lego Star Wars in real life situations

Lego Star Wars Figures In Real Life Situations [11 Pics]

Mike Stimpson is a UK photographer who happens to be a big LEGO fan and a huge Star Wars geek. He takes whimsical photographs using LEGO minifigures and is best know for re-creating iconic photographs using LEGO.


Star Wars LEGO® Style Art Gift Ideas that are Fun and Exciting to Give! Our Humorous Posters, Prints & Phone Cases Bring Smiles & Create Laughter


& are we using a real Tennis ball or a Lego Tennis ball? What the Great work from Fred is Design.

Pretty sure this is the coolest mailbox ever

Darth Vader Mail Box Pinning this to remind myself I want to paint my mailbox at my home