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Let's just cut to the chase . Great if you have an Art History class. - I do have an Art History class!

7 Amazing Travel Hacks #DIY #space #travel #pack

7 Amazing Travel Hacks #DIY #space #travel #pack

En realidad el cielo no te sonríe, pero a tu cerebro le da igual.

♥ What a wonderful World, a Smiley Sunset, and a Smiley Sky ♥.

{ Pinterest: @ndeyepins } Tout le monde a besoin d'une bonne hydratation

Delicious drops by Wolfgang Korazija on It's morning, and the tiny ant finds a mirror to make sure it's ready, looking it's best for the day! "ALLOW ME MY IMAGINATION!

How's this as a mirror? Like & Repin. Noelito Flow. Noel http://www.instagram.com/noelitoflow

You are beautiful from the inside out, who needs mirrors to tell you that? A wonderful substitute for a mirror in a bathroom, quirky and funny interior decoration.

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Unusual and brilliantly coloured, like a creature from another planet - the saturniidae moth as a caterpillar by Marco Fisher.

Incredible paint stamp art - Mother of god!!

This would be a fantastic challenge for advanced students: Create a drawing using a non-traditional tool, in this cas a date stamp! Date stamp art

Guttatie. Waterdruppeltjes die uit jonge bladeren komen.

This isn’t rain. Those water drops are the result of guttation, a process by which root pressure forces some water to exit the plant through special structures, called hydathodes, in the leaf. Not all plants do this.