Séparation d'espace

Have a gallery exhibition displays. Like the wood floors with brick and sepia tones--good aesthetic for the bakery

Il est possible de modifier la perception d’un espace grâce à la couleur. Globalement, on peut dire que les couleurs sombres rétrécissent et que les couleurs claires agrandissent. Ainsi, en associant judicieusement des hauteurs de tons différentes, on peut modifier la forme d'une pièce ou du moins en atténuer les défauts! www.chromaticstore.com

A good example of how colour can change the depth height width of a space

(1) exhibition design | Tumblr

I love the ‘work in progress’ nature of this exhibit. As the work is produced the main features of the exhibit are updated, which makes the onlooker feel more involved in the project, even if they are.

Design ideas; Interactive floor

Transportation Hall, National Building Museum, Installation with an interactive floor using full-body interaction. This reflects the experience and makes the space visually engaging for children to have fun

Contagio Criação

Quirky exhibition stands and booth ideas - from Cadburys to Audi and to Hermes. Original exhibition booths to inspire you at your up and coming exhibit.

Gabriel Dawe’s Prismatic Installations | 22 Dreamy Art Installations You Want To Live In

"Gabriel Dawe's colorful 'Plexus installation - The construction is made out of gütermann thread, wood and nails attached at either end to blocks of wood, the effect is like a real-world version of computer generated imagery.