Make your own boxes

Shaped Gift Box Patterns Great to learn about nets. Challenge/extension, develop own net to form a box.

beautiful packaging

Not tin, but oh, my! Artea Tea set, hand-made style designed for creative persons. The consumer has the choice to make the tea they want which coincides with their mood and situation.

homeless® monsters calendar 2012 by carlos higuera, via Behance. This is so cute I hope he does a 2013 version. PD

I love monsters! homeless® monsters calendar 2012 by carlos higuera, via Behance So cute. I want one.

Identité graphique pour la marque Sabadi par Happycentro

Creativo y sencillo, así es el diseño de estas bolsas de compras. #creativity #desing #bag

The graphics for this bag are really clear and a standard font for the bag. The handles are really interesting though because they have made the handles look like the shoe laces from the shoe graphics on the bag. What a clever idea!

What Happened Bandages

My Friend: why does your bandaid say ninja fight?" Me: because I got in a ninja fight and it is why I need this bandaid!" Lol this is the reason I need these band aids!

Kidrobot Dunny series by Sket One...

Kidrobot has finally revealed the Golden Ticket Dunny from their 2010 Series. Designed by Sket-One, the Golden Ticket compliments the previous three condiment Dunnies also designed by him. Good luck getting your hands on one.

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Penguin cartons!

Birdy-Juice Concept - Norwegian based graphic designer Mats Ottdal, a. Jeksel, has created a cool new concept for juice packaging: The Birdy-Juice. Using the flaps from tetra-pack juice cartons to.

High quality Bottle Design for West Eleven Cocktails by Ben Reed. “West Eleven Cocktails, created by leading mixologist Ben Reed are the first