❤ je veux :: roughly meaning :: I want a "good morning", a kiss and a coffee. An "enjoy your meal" some laughs and a tea. A "how are you", a caress and some wine. A "sleep well", a look and an "I love you". (via Gau Paris)

Je crois qu'il tenait la boîte à la verticale à ce moment là...

god creating making earth just pinch assholes oops comic funny pics pictures pic picture image photo images photos lol

C est ça......

I'm often told : " Turn the page ! But you're funny, if life were a book, I would have chosen the story.


-You cry? -No I transpire eyes motherfucker !

Définition : le cerveau ...

The brain: it is most amazing organs. It works for 365 days since your birth until you fall in love

loosely translated- turtle- the first to arrive home wins hare- ok! turtle- i wiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnn! hare- oh, shit. i cant stop laughing at this