Credit Card Coin Key Ring Wallet. DIY Tutorial in Pictures.

Credit Card Coin Key Ring Wallet I would use a zipper instead of flap/snap closure.


How to Make a Denim Purse Denim jeans have a lot of character and style, even if they’re worn out or outgrown. You can transform that style into a unique purse. All you need is an old pair that you can cut up. Steps Obtain an old pair of jeans …

blue jean purse - I can modify an old pair of jeans and thread a scarf through the loops.

blue jean purse - an old pair of jeans and thread a scarf through the loops.

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How to make cute block zipper pouch handbag. DIY photo tutorial and template pattern. Golden Glove Products Pretty nice, you would be love.

Sac à pincettes

this IDEA rocks! - clothespin bag (hooks over the line) with jute clothesline, appliques, and wee pins added!

A short and sweet tutorial on how to turn a pair of old denim jeans into a nice purse or tote bag.

Chic Bag Made of Old Jeans - DIY

I posted some reusing old jeans ideas, they are very creativity. Here is another one , You can make a simple bag with old jeans. This bag is great for snac

pour customiser un sac à chaussures

Red and Pink "Floral Shoes" Appliqued and Embroidered picture [shoe appliqué idea for drawstring travel bag]