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Les illustrations minimalistes de Noma Bar

Just a small piece of paradise please! Noma Bar - Parrot Palm Tree Graphic Design "Noma Bar strives for ‘maximum communication with minimum elements’ winning various industry awards, with his Cut It Out exhibition.

Noir et blanc symbolique

I really like this poster. The shadow of the hand and cigarette appears to be a hand holding a gun. It would look even better with smoke coming out of the cigarette, making it look like the gun was just fired.

le face à face

The use of negative space is so cool in this logo. The animals created in the negative space shows off some animals that the zoo might have which is so smart and neat. Even though it is black and white its works since the negative space makes the design.

Dirty Harry poster. Great design.

Olly Moss again with his "Dirty Harry" poster. Great use of negative space and minimal design to create Clint Eastwoods face next to the smoking gun.

This is an incredible rendering I found while researching a past art project.

this is a figure/ground reversal. at first with the space you automatically see the shape of Batman but the space also forms the face of the Joker


This design uses the figure-ground relationship principle by creating the shape of a hand gun with the silhouette of a face with a finger to its lips;