Mandala with geometric and henna style, by Saskia Chowles at Inka, Brighton, UK **Beautiful! Exactly what I might get on my inner arm for my sleeve!

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I Want Harley Quinn - but this great illustration will do for the moment!

Sirène                                                                                                                                                     Plus

House Greyjoy

“I must be a mermaid, Rango. I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living.

tatouage lune: Main complexe dessiné croissant de lune ornée de plumes, de pierres précieuses. Isolé art vecteur illustration.Tattoo, l'astrologie, la spiritualité, l'alchimie, la magie symbole. Ethnique, tribal élément mystique pour votre usage

Intricate hand drawn ornate crescent moon with feathers gemstones Isolated Vector illustration Tatto Stock Vector

mehndi style - it would be beautiful with white ink incorporated into it. beautiful flower wreaths gorgeous wedding flowers b.

Unhealthy people often prey on someone who is vulnerable/emotionally wounded/broken (who can often be tricked by narcissists, sociopaths and other disordered individuals). Protecting oneself from these predators is an important part of self care. Break the cycle of pain by learning to identify the signs of an unhealthy, codependent or abusive relationship. Say "no" to head games and keep these people out of your life. Seek therapy to help you deal w/ these Emotional Vampires.

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Today I am showcasing a post containing inspiring & beautiful typography quotes. Hopefully this post will turn out to be a source of inspiration

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