Original hanging clothes racks | Des tuyaux en cuivre pour suspendre des fringues

Copper pipes as a rack.

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Shallow hung rod with hooks instead of hangers for an "expandable" coat rack. I have shower curtain hooks that would work perfectly with the right sized pipe/rod.

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Oldies But Goodies: Exposed Closets

DIY Copper Shoe Rack | 22 DIY Shoe Storage Ideas Dollar Stores

30+ Shoe Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

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Wall Mounted Clothing Rack Plans

Wall Mounted Clothing Rack Plans -- for master closet

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clothing racks made from metal plumbing pipes - Closet Ideas - Closet Room - Closets - Feng Shui Design Your Closet for Balance and Harmony with a Professional Consultation at the link.


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Simple Clothing Rack - Project - Simplified Building

This simple pipe clothing rack is a great way to add extra closet space or even for use in an entry or mudroom for hanging coats.

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