Magnifique paysage

Beautiful Landscape photography : ponderation: Fog & Sunlight by Miki Asai Into My Minds Eye

arbre forestier, un vieux hêtre, appelé localement"le hêtre du voyageur".près de Paimpont

forest tree, an old beech, locally called "beech traveler" .

Nature, Brocéliande

Brocéliande (France), but it reminds me very much of scenery along the Old Cascade Highway in Washington state.

Frêne élevé

Health Benefits and Side Effects of European Ash (Fraxinus excelsior) and the Therapeutic and Traditional Uses of the Leaves and Bark as a Medicinal Herb

Saule blanc, aubier, saule argenté Salix alba

Saule blanc, aubier, saule argenté