Feather Tattoo

Particularly interesting tattoo! At first it may be hard to understand, but this black outline is cloud and under it there're feathers. Looks like different feathers are merged.

Traditional Croatian Tattoo

traditional Croatian Catholic tattoo from Bosnia and Herzegovina. I like the leaves coming out of the cross-shaped backbone

Tatouage éphémère Gas Bijoux.

If you want a tattoo that can also act as an eye catching accessory, then you should definitely go for bracelet tattoo design. Bracelet tattoos are becomin


“I love that my fans feel like they can talk to me. I get approached on a day to day basis and I love reading my emails, messages, and comments from them. I truly appreciate all the support i have.

Arbre en tatouage.

Celtic Tattoo: Tree of life. Love the leaves and the style of the tree but not the "empty" roots .

Miso • home-made tattoos

Stanislava Pinchuk Home-made tattoos. L: Constellation like mountain: traded for home-cooking, R: Twin Branches: traded for whiskey