Elodie Chenevotot Épouse Bazin

Elodie Chenevotot Épouse Bazin

Elodie Chenevotot Épouse Bazin
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1939 1945 - Rassemblement nazi à Nuremberg - Bing Images

Nazi Party Day, Nuremberg, 1934 Adolf Hitler is the central figure of the three men in the foreground who are facing us and giving the straight-armed salute. To Hitler's right is Heinrich Himmler.

'Divergent': Get To Know Your Factions

I got Divergent when I took the test because I got Dauntless, Amity, & Erudite. Which I think the test works perfectly I mean I probably would be divergent because those are the factions I would honestly probably get.

Divergent. Mayson's faction story: Okay, so I start in Abnegation, right? Yah. And then I move to Erudite. But then, when they all rage war on everyone, I get the heck out and move to Dauntless! But I can do that because I can withstand those three factions: I'm Divergent! Yay! ;) Emma, Kylie, I want your faction story. :|

Divergent *** I love Divergent, I already read al the books and so so so want to watch the movies. I personally enjoy this series more than The Hunger Games. And that's saying a lot because I love J Law and I love the hunger games **~

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From the movie divergent Four's Tattoo of the factions: bravery, selflessness, honesty, intelligence, and peacefulness. I would love to have a tattoo like that on my back because I am a divergent.