Mon bonhomme LEGO Monsieur Récup' -

Wonderful shadow box cut-out filled with minfigs. This is a good idea for a DIY Lego storage container.

Steampunk hibou collier broche hibou Steampunk par riverpathstudio, $81.00

Steampunk Owl Necklace, Steampunk Jewelry, Owl Necklace, Owl Jewelry - on Etsy

Bday gift? The Perfect Scarf Must have Mustard by Northernly on Etsy, #irenesredlabeldesigns #IRLdesigns #hawaiithemeweddings #wedding #Hawaiiprincessbrides #weddingdress #LLbebeautiful

Steampunk Necklace - The Clock Arrangement - Clock Necklace via Etsy Steam punk is so intriguing.

Geared Wheel Light Switch

Pre-Assembled (Not a kit) These whimsical sets of gears translate a rotary action into a vertical motion. Real brass screws and washers speak of the quality of this quality piece from. This is the onl (Woodworking Cnc)

Hide a battery in there, run wires through tubing to led light in vial, and you've got a light-up necklace. Maybe make the gears the on-off switch?

OTT steampunk pendant/necklace - part of the Laboratory range. The final vial contains Swarovski crystals. Necklace by steelhipdesign on deviantART

Fleurs en tissu Chic minable dentelle lot de 2 - mariages, broche, Barrette, collier, bandeau

Lace Shabby Chic Fabric Flowers Set of 2 - Weddings, Brooch, Barrette, Necklace, Headband Barrette Ideas

He Darth Like His Brew

Lego Storm Troopers helping Darth Vader drink a Guinness. This is awesome on so many levels!

Glitter Leaves Twice as Nice Made from by psitsinthedetails

These whimsical glitter leaves are twice as nice because they are made from recycled product! Originally packaging material between ceramic