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two pictures of different colored animals on a notebook with markers and pencils next to them
Elise Gravel illustration • sketchbook • doodles • 2 colors • fun • drawing • art • boar •
some drawings are laying on top of each other
Geometric Beasts Series by kerbyrosanes on DeviantArt
Manila-based illustrator Kerby Rosanes known as Sketchy Stories has created a new series of sketches combing animals with geometric forms.
a white sculpture in a glass case on a black background with the image of a seated man
Captives – CG Geological Formations as Life-Size ‘Unfinished’ Sculptures
Michelangelo 3d printed sculpture
a glass case with a sculpture inside it
Captives – CG Geological Formations as Life-Size ‘Unfinished’ Sculptures
Captives by Quayola
an image of fish in different colors and sizes on a white background with the word save above it
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Elise Gravel illustration • fish • fun • art • cute • pattern • drawing
an assortment of colorful owls standing next to each other on a white background with the words rise above them
Elise Gravel illustration • Owls • hiboux • animals • birds • art • print • colourful • drawing • cute • nature
an image of a poster with the words challengeer on it's back side
Kevin Dart “Space Shuttle Challenger" Framed Print
two rows of colorful birds with different colors
Elise Gravel illustration • fish • hens • chickens • owls • birds • drawing • cute • fun • art • animals • pattern • colorful
four different views of an open book with drawings on it
sketchbook by Laurent Moreau via
four different envelopes with writing on them
Notes On A Visual Life
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