maison bleue

Your feathered friends will love you for building such a cozy rustic birdhouse. Birdhouses add charm to your garden decor.

abri pour oiseau à mettre dans son jardin

vintage tin bird house A beauty of a birdhouse! Birdhouse Bird feeder & Bird house Giant bird of paradise

Hotel a insectes cliquer sur lien pour liste des matériaux à mettre dans les case (en francais pour une fois !)

Insect hotel - Sustainable ideas including an explanation of the materials used, which insects they provide a habitat for and why you want that insect. This would be perfect to have as a project to build with a youth program

Comment faire un hôtel abeille solitaire - Telegraph

How to make a solitary bee hotel

Solitary Bee hotel - old stems, bamboo, use cut branches & drill holes

Rustic cabin birdhouse, as garden art, with a vine of wild roses growing on it in shade garden. So pretty, love this garden scene!

Les conseils indispensables pour construire un hôtel à insectes dans votre jardin !

Bee City, Cityscape for Mason Bees - Folksy. How cool, a whole city for beneficial insects!

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