EGO-SE 450 "Penguin", a Personal Semi-Submarine Boat

EGO-SE 450 "Penguin", a Personal Semi-Submarine Boat - thought this would be cool somewhere in a story :)

Dans "le petit guide parfait de l'homme moderne qui se la pète un peu", la montre tient une place non négligeable. D'abord parce que c'est plus beau qu'une gourmette avec marqué "patrice" dessus, mais

Top 80+ des montres design, insolites et originales (et qui donnent l’heure en plus)

If you think you have seen crazy designs on watches, then think again. Check out the Alessi Invisible Shot Laser watch. Although it’s purpose is to show time, a watch design can hardly be weirder than this. Looks exactly like a bracelet the device feature

Tablette transparente innovante

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A tiny new wristband can project a tablet interface onto your arm, effectively turning it into a smartphone every time you twist your wrist.

An Android powered smart bracelet forgoes the tiny display of a typical smartwatch and projects a smartphone-size touchscreen onto the skin. Useful things

Lit cocon futuriste Transport

Lit cocon futuriste Transport

The Bed Pod: A perfect getaway right at home! Soft LED lights, warm waterbed cushions, music I want these bed

Un petit boitier qui remplace votre clavier

Put the future at your fingertips with our virtual laser keyboard. NEW! Green laser projection keyboard is even brighter! Revolutionary laser technology projects a virtual keyboard on any flat surf.

BendDesk is a Workstation and Multitouch Computer in One

Future Technology Design: BendDesk is a Workstation and Multitouch Computer in One / The new desktop computer of the future.

Je me vois très bien installer ça chez moi comme station de jeu. Par contre je pense que je rajouterai des écrans. #lifestyle #lifestylegamer

Little TV screen, cup holders, reclines back. (I realize this is actually a Gaming Pod. It's for guys. but I would make one as a hiding place.for me) Gaming Pod? That to me says READING pod

Un anneau en guise de téléphone portable

Voilà le premier smartphone vraiment "digital"

from IPPINKA Nokia FIT: Cell Phone Concept Which Fits Onto Your Finger Talking on a cell phone was never as simple as holding your finger up to your ear.

Clé USB modulable par Hyunsoo Song,

Clé USB modulable par Hyunsoo Song

thebeastfeed: “Amoeba Modular USB Flash Drive (concept) “Ever been in a situation where you have loaned your USB stick to someone and accidentally shared some sensitive files (maybe naughty pics) that.

Selfie Toast – Votre selfie grillé sur une tranche de pain !

Selfie Toast – Votre selfie grillé sur une tranche de pain !

Selfie Toaster: Eat Your Face. All you have to do is upload your selfie and fork over 75 bucks. Vermont will then use Photoshop and a CNC plasma cutter to “transfer” your face from the photo onto a metal plate, which is then fitted into the toaster.

Rollerphone Concept By Alexey Chugunnikov

It is a wearable cell phone that looks like a wristwatch. Rollerphone has a retractable transparent screen at the base. The gadget features a media center, allowing you to watch videos, chat online, play games, read e-books and listen to music!

En basculant, la baignoire permet de faire des économies d’eau! – L'Humanosphère

En basculant, la baignoire permet de faire des économies d’eau!

Tilting Tub: Three different tilts: foot bath, half bath, and full bath to help conserve water. I want this for the foot bath!

The pen just got SMART: Phree lets you make calls, shows mobile notifications and lets you write notes on ANY surface for them to appear on your phone [Futuristic Gadgets:]

Futuristic Technology: This Pen Lets You Make Calls, Shows Mobile Notifications And Lets You Write Notes On Any Surface For Them To Appear On Your Phone.