Studio Ghibli slippers. I would totally wear these! #StudioGhibli #HayaoMiyazaki @HayaoMiyazaki @StudioGhibli

Warm yourself up with some awesome Studio Ghibli My Neighbour Totoro Soot Sprite Slippers - Find out why they are so cool here!

tube you can make yourself! 1. measure a straight line with a string from the bone on the back of your neck to your waist. That will be the height of the tube. 2. measure a loop with a string around your neck down your groin (like a really long necklace). This will be the circumference of your tube. Now, either buy a knit fabric in these dimensions or do the math to knit or crochet one! =)

I would consider one of these to wear like this. Very cool ways to wear an infinity/eternity scarf!

Comment bien nouer et mettre un foulard tartan écossais d'Ecosse autour de son cou, le grand foulard en tissu à motif écossaise pour homme et femme.

Comment porter le tartan ?